CNY Groups & Organizations

Central New York Pagan Association (CNYPA)

The Central New York Pagan Association was founded in August, 1998 by several members of the local pagan community as an umbrella organization to serve the Central New York area as a database and contact point. Purpose: CNYPA will serve primarily as a database. A central database will help students to find teachers, pagans new to the area to find others, pagans to keep in touch with each other, and serve as a contact point for the media and other members of the public who need accurate information about paganry in Central New York. Membership in CNYPA is free. Mailing address CNYPA PO Box 15184 Syracuse, NY 13215-0184. Phone number: 315/469-1622. Secretary: Christine M Keenan.

Chalice Circle CUUPS

CUUPS is Unitarian Universalist Pagan group in Watertown, NY associated with All Souls UU Church. We welcome all who are on a positive journey. Our group is very eclectic and has folks from beginners to experienced. It’s a fun place to learn and share.

Church of the Greenwood

Church of the Greenwood was formed in 2003 to parent the Central New York Pagan Pride Project and to provide trained clergy to perform rites of passage to pagans in the Central New York area. In 2006, Church of the Greenwood formed the New York State Pagan Prison Ministry, ministering to incarcerated pagans in state facilities. In that same year, the church extended its campus ministry efforts to include the coordination of student volunteer efforts in support of CNY PPD. In 2016, the church also began offering occasional celebratory public ritual services and meetups.
For more information, visit us on Facebook or Email Us or write us at Church of the Greenwood, P.O. Box 5323, Syracuse, New York 13220. Church of the Greenwood is a federally recognized 501c3 charitable organization.

Circle of the Rising Phoenix

Circle of the Rising Phoenix is an eclectic Wiccan coven of women, in existence since 1994. We honor the Lord and the Lady and the Earth as we celebrate the Sabbats and gather at esbats for the Lunar Mysteries.
We have embraced the symbol of the Phoenix to reflect our dedication to change and transformation. The women of Circle of the Rising Phoenix strive to live by the Wiccan Rede, in doing no harm and in working together in perfect love and perfect trust, for personal growth and healing.
The Circle of the Rising Phoenix is a semi-closed coven. We do invite friends, and past students, women and men, to join us for open Sabbats. Children are welcome to most open Sabbats.
Our coven has been a member of the Covenant of the Goddess, (COG) since April of 1996. Each year we teach the 11 week introductory course, “The Philosophy Magick & Ritual of Wicca” You may contact us for information on the next class, beginning September 19th.
Clergy is available for Handfastings, and all rites of passage. Reiki Masters are also available. Contact:

Coven of the Black Stag

The Coven of the Black Stag is a coven in the Hawthorn Hollow Tradition, the coven was established in 2018. We are a teaching coven dedicated to honoring God and Goddess. The Coven of the Black Stag was formerly the coven of the Vulture that was birthed from the Mother coven, Coven of the Crow a part of Willow Hill Circle, in August of 2014. We separated from WHC in 2018.
The Coven of the Black Stag is led by Lady Kiana and Lord Azuran, both having the combined experience of over twenty years in Witchcraft and readily provide spiritual life counseling. The coven stead, Moonhaven, is located in Waterville, NY. Coven of the Black Stag recognizes lunar and solar cycles as Esbats and Sabbats, occasionally holding open circle for invited members.
As part of Hawthorn Hollow Tradition, the Coven follows a 3-tier degree system of learning; The Initiate, the Adept, and the Third Degree. It is the decision of the Initiate whether or not to continue their studies to earn their certification as minister. By third degree, the High Priest/ High Priestess may decide to hive off and form their own Coven within the Hawthorn Hollow.
Although all witches will have their own individual paths, the Coven of the Black Stag exists more as a chosen family of witches. Though our personalities may differ, we gather to honor the Gods in perfect love and perfect trust. Through this, we teach the mysteries of the Priesthood, and the rites performed to our Gods.
Contact us at

Coven of the Four Elements

A small .coven of witches in the Finger Lakes region. Currently closed to new members. We do welcome guests occasionally.  High Priestess  may be contacted via email  .

Coven of the Mystic Moon

We all strive to serve our community…
We are an eclectic group incorporating many traditions. We observe the turning of the wheel celebrating the Sabbats and Esbats. We are a teaching coven continuously learning and growing. We are open to working with new people and helping them on their spiritual path.
All those wanting the possibility of working with our group are required to take our Wicca 101 class. We acknowledge and honor each of our members personal gifts..
Under the MYSTIC MOON we unite as one in honor of the god and goddess!
Please contact us at the Mystic Side Gift & Book store for further information on the coven or in joining one of our classes..
Our phone is 315-214-0200, our fax is 315-214-0201.

The Inner Circle

Formed at Beltane in 2006, the group was founded out of the need for Pagans, and other like minded individuals, to get together for ritual, meditation, drum circle and other metaphysical doings & teachings. Based in Oswego, we hold Sabbats from Ostara through Samhain outdoors in our Grove and move indoors at our home, depending on the temperatures. (Because we know how Oswego Winters can be.)
Our rituals are not only fully Celtic based, they are also a learning Circle for those that are just starting where they can comfortably ask questions, void of intimidation or embarrassment. Regardless of experience, there is ALWAYS a new message, something we forgot, changing the energy, or a different point of view to learn; we all collectively have something to offer the group. This helps us ALL to learn, grow and knit the Circle even closer. For more information please contact John Shaman-Myrddin

Muin Mound Grove

Muin Mound Grove, ADF is an open Druid group which has been chartered since June of 1991. Muin (pronounced moon) is a Gaelic word meaning Vine, which grows plentifully in this area. Mound honors the burial mounds recognized in many cultures to celebrate the Ancestors. Celebratory rituals of Indo-European origin (mainly Celtic and Norse) are held on or near the eight High Days. Chartered with the national Druid organization, Ár nDraíocht Féin, the group promotes scholarly excellence and personal development through study courses, guilds, community service, networking, fellowship, and active participation in ritual. Contact the Grove through their Facebook page, Muin Mound Grove, ADF check out their website at, or explore ADF at
Contact Senior Druid Jen Koagel at

Northern Rivers Grove, ADF

Northern Rivers Grove is a group for people in the Watertown, Thousand Islands, Adams, and Carthage areas of Northern NY who have an interest in Druidism, a polytheistic nature-based religion that honors the nature spirits, ancestors, and Indo-European Gods. We are part of the Ár nDraíocht Féin (ADF) Druidic tradition ( and our grove’s emphasis is on Celtic traditions such as Irish, Scottish, Welsh, etc. We offer open rituals for each of the eight High Days, and strive to offer numerous workshops and social outings throughout the year. For more information, please visit our website:

Oswego State Pagan Association (O.S.P.A.)

Oswego State Pagan Association is an organization that was formed in response to the Pagan spiritual needs on campus. The goals of the club are to create a judgment free-zone and to provide an academic and research based community. Contact us at

Pagans of Central New York

This is an online space to gather a community and share beliefs and knowledge. Its also a place to make new friends and maybe even plan gatherings. Find us on FaceBook

Pagans Seeking Partners in CNY

A safe place for all, no matter gender or sexual orientation. This group will hopefully be a community for people seeking a monogamous, polyamorous, or purely platonic relationship(s). Find us on FaceBook

RavenMyst Circle

The RavenMyst Circle was born at Yule 2001 and follows the path of traditional Wicca. There are fourteen covens in the Tradition in four different states; eight of them in Central New York. We recognize that every Witch is equal in the eyes of our Gods. We see the Gods both as real individuals and as parts of a greater whole. We celebrate the Wheel of the Year and the Esbats. RavenMyst is a 4-tier tradition consisting of Dedicant, First Degree, Second Degree and Third Degree. The honor of Elder status level is conferred to those leaders within the Trad who have gone above and beyond in service to RavenMyst Circle Tradition. All members enter at the Dedicant level; and all covens share curriculum, circle casts, quarter calls, totems, Dedication and Elevation rituals. Each coven is autonomous, under the direction of their High Priestess and/or High Priest. For more information please contact the High Priestesses of the covens located in New York.
Coven of the Redtail Hawk is officiated by LadyHawke the Mythmaker and is closed to new members. Coven of the Night Owl in Lansing is officiated by Lady Thia and Lord Kaseekaa. They are also closed to new members. Coven of the Nightingale in Munnsville is officiated by Lady Songbird at and is accepting seekers. Coven of the Heron officiated by Lady Blaze has recently moved to Maryland.
The following covens are also located in various towns in Central New York, but are not taking students and have no contact information at this time; Coven of the Loon (Lady Rosewycke), Swan (Lady Rowan), Red Winged Blackbird (Lady Emmialle), Dragonfly (Lady Shadow Healer), and Sparrow Hawk (Lady Onna Grey).

Shining Valley

Rochester, NY. Our goal is to provide a place in the Rochester, NY/Genesee Valley Region where a pagan/druidic community can develop that offers nurturing fellowship, open ritual, and the opportunity to grow as pagans. Even though our focus is on Celtic and Norse paths especially in the context of Ár nDraíocht Féin, we welcome pagans, seekers and friends from all paths.
We are a diverse and inclusive group encouraging mutual compassion and respect as well as working to have a positive impact on our local and global communities. Ultimately, as we state when opening every ritual, “We are here to honor the Gods!”
Contact us through our Facebook Page.

Shrines of Babalon

Shrines of Babalon is an ambitious, new, non-denominational world-wide project to support the spread of the Goddess Babalon and Her energy to all corners of the Earth. There are currently 24 Shrines in 10 countries worldwide. The Shrine of Babalon – Abbey of Al Qiyamah, represents the Central New York Area and is located in Jamesville New York.
The Shrine system is an ambitious world-wide project that potentially spans many different cultures, traditions, sects and sentiments. The Shrines provide the structure and support to help navigate the potential pitfalls and problems of ideology and cultural clashes in their local areas of establishment. The Shrines and their participants are kept free and safe to pursue their devotion to Babalon as they Will.
  • We are an open group that is qualified to ordain and consecrate Priest, Priestess, PriestX.
  • We are inclusive and accepting of all who Know or would like to come to know the Great Mother, regardless of race, sexuality, etc
  • And I believe in one Earth, the Mother of us all, and in one Womb wherein all men are begotten, and wherein they shall rest, Mystery of Mystery, in Her name BABALON.
  • Group name: Shrines of Babalon – Abbey of Al Qiyamah
  • Faith Tradition: Devotees of the Goddess, Thelema, Pagan, Wiccan, etc
  • Type of Group: Open, Teaching, Accepting New Members, able to ordain clergy.
  • Location: Jamesville, New York
  • Contact Information:

The Thelemic Order

The Thelemic Order, Inc., is a Church. Incorporated in the US State of Delaware, it serves a worldwide mission to promulgate the Law of Thelema. The Abbey of Al Qiyamah is an affiliate Lodge of the TTO, located in Jamesville New York. As a Thelemic Church TTO is Progressive and Heterodox.
TTO is explicitly progressive in that we reject any interpretation of Thelema which fuels intolerance, including racism, white nationalism, misogyny and classism, while practicing tolerance by enthusiastically embracing modern models of gender, sexual identity, and consent.
Heterodox is the opposite of orthodox. Where orthodox means doing things one way, heterodox means doing things many ways. Thelema is syncretic by nature, and what is interesting, healthy, and respectful for one person’s practice may not fit another. We empower our Clergy and Members to experiment and do those things which have personal meaning to them, rather than adhering to a strict formula.
TTO is divided into three Elements:

  • The Order General is the secular or lay-leadership of TTO, and focuses on creating a safe space and good resources for personal exploration of the religion and philosophy of Thelema, particularly in providing a positive space for the exploration of magic and ritual alone and in cooperation with others.
  • The Heterodox Gnostic Church or Ecclesia Gnostica Heterodoxa (EGH) is the branch of TTO which conducts training of Clergy, Ordination, holds Mass, offers the Sacraments and organizes the Canon of TTO.
  • The Initiatory Arm is the branch of TTO which conducts the Thelemic Initiations, which are designed to be a modern system of powerful initiatory experiences for Thelemites.

Ultimately how to identify in relation to paganism, Wicca, etc., is up to the individual, but for most practical purposes Thelema can be considered, at least in the “big tent” sense, a pagan practice. More to the point, many practicing Thelemites are pagan and maintain pagan, or Wiccan practice.

  • Group name: The Thelemic Order
  • Faith Tradition: Thelema, Pagan, Wiccan, etc
  • Type of Group: Open, Teaching, Accepting New Members, able to ordain clergy.
  • Location: Jamesville, New York
  • Contact Information:
  • Tau Moses Arizmendi
  • Facebook

Upstate Witches and Pagans 

A Network of Witches, Pagans, Heathens, Druids, Asatru, Cunnings Folk, Thelemites, and everything in-between, geared toward the unity of Pagan fellowship within Upstate New York. Find us on FaceBook

Úr-chrann Celts

Úr-chrann is Gaelic for green tree; somehow that seemed appropriate for this group. This group was formed in the hopes of growing and expanding our knowledge, understanding and connections with like-minded people. This is a monthly meet-up to discuss topics of interest related to Celtic ancestry, spirituality, and culture. The group is open to any who are open people of all ancestries, religions, beliefs or non-beliefs that wish to share time with other of a like mind.   For more information you can find us on Facebook or contact Mary Hudson at

Úthellingu Kindred

Úthellingu Kindred (pronounced ‘oot-het-link-uh’) began as a monthly meet-up for the purpose of discussing the stories and virtues of Heathenry and Asatru. Over the course of ten years, we have practiced ritual, paid honor to our deities and ancestors, and helped one another grow in our spiritual quests. We look forward to continuing the exchange of ideas and the deepening of our camaraderie. We’re open to honorable people regardless of race, ethnic origin, gender, or sexual orientation. All who honor the Heathen path, or who are interested in learning more, are welcome to join us at our public meet-ups or lore chats, each held monthly. For more details, find us on Facebook or contact Kurt at

Web Path Center, a Pagan Church

Merry Meet! The Web is a magical, teaching pagan church and a New York State non-profit organization; a Wiccan coven without walls. We are located in Lyons NY. We hold ritual circles on Saturdays nearest the full moon or the Sabbats at 7 pm and shamanic journey circles on the 2nd and 4th Sundays at 2pm. Contact us through our Facebook page or Yahoo group. All events listed on the calendar are open to the public unless otherwise noted. Children may attend with their families. Join us for our annual meeting November 5th,Time and place to be announced. Expect a Thanksgiving Dinner and cool reports back from Anemone and Zatira who presented papers at the Museum of Witchcraft & Magic in Cornwall UK this year with perhaps a word from a teen traveler to the Temple at Delphi in Greece.
Contact email:
FaceBook page:
Yahoo group:

Willow Hill Circle

Willow Hill Circle provides a haven for individuals seeking to explore the Wiccan way as an alternative to traditional spiritual paths. In addition to deepening their connection with the Gods, students will learn basic circle etiquette, the different aspects of ritual, altar set up, totems, energy, divination, and the healing arts. They will also develop a thorough understanding of Esbats, as well as the Sabbats that comprise the Wheel of the Year.
If Seekers choose to dedicate, as Dedicants they have the opportunity to Initiate after they have completed their year and a day. Initiated students may then continue their education through a 3-degree program of learning, after which they may hive off and birth a coven or pursue a path as a member of the clergy, or both.
Our tradition, Willow Hill Circle, currently consists of five covens and one outer grove.
Willow Hill Grove – Outer Circle, Herkimer, NY

Coven of the Crow – Herkimer, NY – Lady Awen and Lord Teiwaz
Coven of the Falcon – Smyrna, NY – Lady Sky
Coven of the Peacock – Delhi, NY – Lady Cirrus
Coven of the Raven – St. Johnsville, NY — Lady Ari
Coven of the Woodpecker — Mohawk, NY — Lord Picus

For more information about Willow Hill Circle, the grove or Coven of the Crow, or any of the other covens, please write Lady Awen and Lord Teiwaz.

Witches and Heathens of CNY

Central New York area witches and many other spiritual paths are starting to connect now more than ever before. Established on June 15th 2018, Our group has created a platform to have a safe haven learning environment with our very own neighbors. We are connecting to more and more people each day. Our purpose is to help our community grow and learn together. Find us at, on Facebook @WitchesandHeathensCNY or email us

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