2023 Autumn Equinox Festival | Pagan Pride Day

22nd CNY pagan pride day

September 16, 2023

 The 22nd Pagan Pride Day celebration will once again be held at Long Branch Park in Onondaga County. 

The Central New York Pagan Pride Project’s Autumn Equinox Festival is organized around three goals:

Food Drive

A food drive (or other charitable activity) to share our abundant harvest with others in need, and to make a clear statement to those who have misconceptions about Paganism. We know that our ethics, based on concern for ecology, personal responsibility, and individual freedom, mean that we feel strongly called to actions of social responsibility. It is important for us to highlight our similarity to other religions in that regard.

Public Ritual

A public gathering where Pagans can network with each other and celebrate an Autumn Equinox ritual.

Press Releases

Press releases and media coverage of our events in order to present the truth about Paganism to our communities, refute common misconceptions, and draw political attention to Paganism in order to try to prevent legislative discrimination against Pagans.
Contact us at cnyppd@gmail.com for further information.

Admission is Free!

We do, however, request your donation of a non-perishable food item, which in turn will be donated to The Food Bank of Central New York.



TimeStar (Entertainment)MoonSunEarth
9:15 AMOpening Ritual
10:00 AM    
11:00 AM Lake Ontario Broom Riders Working In Harmony With The Elements w/ Web of Life Services Pagan Psychopompery w/Spirit, Spindle & Root 
12:00 PM Dance of the Divine Feminine w/Adi Shakti World Fusion Bellydance Sacred Space w/ Earth Water Dowsing Search the truth to find the myth w/M.C. Thompson The Village Witch w/ Sandy Caswell
1:00 PMMain Ritual w/ Willow Hill Circle (Gaia’s Glen)
2:00 PM The Rebirth of Dionysus w/Maenads
 The Uplifting Veil w/Aje KeselPendulums w/ Amy D’Angelo Lunar Gardening for the Home Herbalist w/ Wolf Hill Press
3:00 AM DrumHive w/ Joe Wadsworth  Self Expansion Sound Healing w/ Serenity Wellness  Astrologically Aligned Business w/Emma Martens Salves, Tinctures & Teas w/ Crafted Alchemy 
4:00 PMDrum Circle w/ Maxx Hill (Star Pavilion)
4:45 PMClosing Ritual



Workshop Descriptions

Search the truth to find the myth: research and development of story w/ M.C. Thompson author

Showing my process of research to write my novel and how to write fantasy literature

M.C. Thompson is a Rome/ Utica native. Studied history and political science. Long time researcher of myths and legends. First time author. Practicing Norse pagan. Wife, daughter, and two dogs

The Village Witch – Granny’s Magick w/ Sandy Caswell

With over 50 years of magickal experience, Sandy Caswell shares her thoughts on everything from gods, grannies, and nature; to lotions, potions, charms & spells; rituals and personal empowerment. She does not promote religion, dogma nor new age fluff; just the folk magick you wish your granny had taught you. Chatty and irreverent, she makes ancient wisdom, modern science, and common sense easy to understand and apply. That’s why her fans call her “The Priestess with Pizzazz”!

Pagan Psychopompery: Healing the Restless Dead with Death & Crossroad Deities & Spirits w/ Vanessa Hanks

This presentation discusses the healing art of psychompompery. “Psychopomps” are found in diverse pagan pantheons and serve the important role of guiding souls to the afterlife. We can act as living psychopomps through our relationships with death, underworld and crossroad deities, thereby helping to heal and transition unquieted and lost spirits (also called: “ghosts” or “earthbound souls”). These spirits are often the cause of hauntings. They are also at the heart of many sleep paralysis, shadow being and paranormal experiences. By healing people and places of restless spirits, not only do unquieted souls find peace in the afterlife, but the places and people affected by them are returned to greater harmony, balance and wellness. Psychopompery is ancient healing work that can be done in diverse ways by modern practitioners through spirit relationships with deities and spirits who have long performed this work.

Vanessa Hanks is an eclectic pagan, witch and psychopomp healer. She owns a magical and metaphysical shop in West Bloomfield, NY called the Spirit, Spindle & Root. She was born with the ability to perceive restless spirits and has been a practicing psychopomp for a decade. She is on the tail-end of completing her first book on psychopompery called the Rainbow Bridge Method of Spirit Release. Vanessa is an Independent Spiritualist Minister, spirit medium, energy healer, and has apprenticed for years in shamanic practice. As a witch, her focus is on spirit craft. She is available for mentoring in psychopompery, hedge riding and more; as well as for paranormal investigations, house and aura clearings and healing work.

Self Expansion Sound Healing w/ Robin Jackson & Keyanna Coleman

Robin and Keyanna create a magical experience infusing their sound healings with Reiki and Seichim. Frequency plus intent equals healing, which means the sound we make, coupled with the intention or the consciousness we put on the sound, creates the outcome of the sound.” The more attentively you listen and allow the sound to wash over you (like a sound bath), the deeper your body relaxes. Many people also feel a spiritual connection that allows Divine insights to flow through and heighten the experience even more.

Pendulums w/ Amy D’Angelo

· Types of Pendulums
· Selection of a Pendulum
· Making vs. Buying a Pendulum
· Pendulum Care
· Communicating with Your Pendulum
· Working with a Pendulum Board/Map
· Not All Pendulums are Created Equal
· Communicating with Your Guides
· Pendulums vs. Dowsing Rods”

Amy D’Angelo teaches over 20 courses through her business Amethyst Reiki located at the Foundation for Elevation in Fulton, NY. 

How to Use Business Astrology to Master Social Media (Without Selling Your Soul) w/ Emma Martens

Even if you wish it weren’t true, you’re living in the 21st century and social media marketing isn’t going away anytime soon. So you’ve created an instagram account or set up a facebook page only to be left scratching your head and wondering “What now?”. Especially when product photography stresses you out and you’re scared of showing your face online.


Well, friend, there is in fact a method to this madness. And it doesn’t involve dancing to the latest TikTok trend. In this workshop business coach and astrologer Emma Martens will give away the keys to building and maintaining a juicy social media presence that feels easy as pie. 

Emma Martens is a professional astrologer and certified life coach who helps eclectic service providers create impactful messaging and grounded branding. Her clients stop wasting time pleasing algorithms and so they can start working with aligned clients and do more of what they love. Follow Emma on Facebook and Instagram @the.emma.martens or join her free Facebook group, The 10th House, and get access to her entire vault of trainings.

Lunar Gardening for the Home Herbalist w/ Maxx Hill & Toby

Mixing history, science, and reverence for the moon, this workshop will provide attendees with an introduction to a deeper awareness of the moon’s phases and zodiac cycles to benefit the growing, harvesting, and seedsaving of medicinal and culinary herbs, vegetables, fruit, and flowers.

Lunar gardening has been practiced in many times and places worldwide. This workshop focuses especially on the aspect known as planting by the signs of the European and European-American farming traditions, and will touch on some of the farming technologies of the Haudenosaunee, the original and continued stewards of this land, as well as the teaching of some contemporary Haudensaunee experts in lunar gardening and seedsaving.

Popularized in the Foxfire Book and Old Farmer’s Almanac, these ancient astrological traditions have also been studied and reified by modern scientists, and help remind every home gardener and professional farmer there are best times to plant, weed, prune, and harvest. This workshop provides an introduction to basic principles which can be applied to the specific plants you work with and what you’re looking to foster in their growth.

Maxx and Toby met in a library and immediately connected over shared interests in art, education, cyclical rhythms, and humanity’s connection to nature. Their first conversation covered an array of topics: reconnecting to lifeways of our cultural and genetic ancestors, food, farming technologies, and more. They soon began gardening together on a 1/6 acre urban lot where they combine their knowledge, skills, passions, and experiences–including a combined 29 years’ experience in home herbalism. Since 2021 they’ve brought their artistry and scholarship to Wolf Hill Press and the Gardening by the Moon calendar. Learn more at gardeningbythemoon.com

Salves, Tinctures & Teas w/ Ashley

Presentation will discuss the science and witchcraft of using found, foraged, and purchased ingredients to make a variety of household items. It will touch upon concepts such as why the solubility of different compounds might make certain plants more useful in different solutions as well as how to balance metaphysical properties with scientific insight. The goal is to add a useful skill to any practitioner’s craft.

Ashley has been an actively practicing witch for almost 25 years, with her BS in Biochemistry Ashley has always had a deep love of science and magic. She grew up foraging and conducting kitchen science experiments to make potions for everyone. Ashley loves sharing knowledge with others, divination, photography and baking.

Working In Harmony With The Elements w/ Kassandra Ravyn

The workshop will focus on how pagan/magical practitioners can develop their practice to work with the elements of earth, air, fire, water, and aether/spirit/quintessence. Magical correspondences will be covered for each element. Suggestions for connection on a deeper level will be given including easy daily practices which can empower one’s connection with the natural world and one’s magical practice.

Kassandra Ravyn is a 2nd degree initiated High Priestess, Spiritualist Minister, and certified Metaphysician with Fellowships of the Spirit. Her
eclectic practice weaves together Celtic Druidic, shamanistic, earth based spirituality, and Gardenarian magick. Her journey into the pagan path began as a solo practitioner in 1994 after becoming fascinated with tarot and metaphysical teachings, becoming an initiated witch, and then as a member of several magical working groups and covens in NY. Other interests include aromatherapy and it’s use in magic, tarot/oracle card reading, crystal healing, mediumship, and being a Usui Reiki Master/teacher.


Sacred Space—Creating, Using and Benefitting From It w/ Madis Senner

Creating sacred space and stone structures dates back to the Neolithic Period. This workshop will give you an Earth Healer’s perspective on how to create sacred space, why you want to create sacred space, the benefits it can provide and more. You will also learn about the benefits of visiting a sacred space full of Earth Magic (Energy Vortices, Geospirals…)such as the Peacemaker’s Sanctuary at Onondaga https://peacemakerssanctuary.blogspot.com

Madis Senner, is an Earth Healer and Keeper (one who watches over and maintains a sacred space). He has been working with stones to create stone structures (circles, monuments…) to enhance and heal our Mother for over two decades. He has authored five books (Sacred Sites in North Star Country, Vortices and Spirals….) and written for Wisdom and Sedona Journal of Emergence. He freelances for Life in the Finger Lakes. He is a dowser and operates a business earthwaterdowsing to find water, survey for stone structures, and create sacred space http://www.earthwaterdowsing.com http://motherearthprayers.blogspot.com

DrumHive w/ Joe Wadsworth

An introduction of the basics, a song or two, as well as basic care of drums. A perfect lead-in to the 4:00 drum circle! https://www.facebook.com/DrumHiveDrums

Music & Entertainment


The Rebirth of Dionysus

Maenads are a performance art group that utilizes Dionysian energies. It was formed in 2021. Our 2021 PPD performance involved slaying John Barleycorn. It was well received, and we thank you for the warm reception we received at this event.

Star Pavilion 2:00

Lake Ontario Broom Riders

We model our selves after the original Wolfshager Hexenbrut Greman Witches & dance to the traditional German Witch Music. We dance for fun & charity donations. Our charity we support is Erin’s Angels a Nonprofit

Star Pavilion 11:00

Adi Shakti World Fusion Bellydance

Dance of the Divine Feminine

We take a very eclectic approach to our performances; within a single show, you may enjoy Improvisational Tribal Style dance, sword dancing, interpretive bellydance, dancing with veils, wings, zills ~ we follow our whimsy.  The music we dance to is just as diverse, everything from traditional middle eastern music to Tina Turner chanting buddhist mantra to No. 9 Dream by John Lennon.   

Some of our past performances include Culture Fest at the Stanley Performing Arts Center, the Clinton Art & Music Fest, multiple performances at the NYS Fair, Munson-Williams Proctor Arts Institute Shadow of the Sphinx exhibit, Seneca Falls Convention Day celebration (filmed by PBS), CNY Pagan Pride Day, and many others. 

Star Pavilion 12:00

Drum Circle

Let your spirit soar as your soul explores it’s primal roots. Join in the celebration of community as we echo the heartbeat of the Earth Mother.
Star Pavilion at 4:00

2023 Event Sponsors

Bonfire ($200+)

A Touch of Glass... and then some

Candle ($100+)

Amethyst Reiki at the Foundation for Elevation
Blue Moon Apothecary & Wellness Center
JD Jewelry
Sol Green Energy

Spark ($50+)

Kindling ($10+)

A Heathen’s Touch
Alchemy of the Hedge
Around The World Imports
Ash, Oak & Thorn, LLC
Audrey’s Arts & Acrylics
Author Thomas R Clark
AZ Stained Glass LLC
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Creating Faery Land
Crescent Moon Studio
Croniser’s Creations
doTERRA Essential Oils
Earthly Emporium
Everything Greener
Goblin Market Studio
Izzy’s Art

Julie’s Cauldron
Karma Creations by Amy Iselin
Langan Wellness
Luna Knight’s Creations
Moonlight Mystic Treasures
Moons and Brooms
Peaceful Vibes
Poetic Remedies Creations
Pretty Pagan Creations
Sacred Journey Ceramics
Sparrow Crownthorn
The Color Wench
The Crescent Moon
Veil and Bone
Wonder Wyrm Studio
Woodland Cottage


A Heathen’s Touch  Tarot readings and metaphysical items.
A Touch of Glass…and then some A Touch of Glass…and then some offers Diane’s stained glass and fused glass designs as well as aromatherapy heat bags, hand-carved wooden statuary and bronze pendants from Ukraine, flags, banners and altar cloths and an assortment of soaps, lotion, books and pins.
Alchemy of the Hedge  Aura drawings, oracle, tarot readings, crystals, incense, homemade teas, salves, body care, blankets, etc
Alivia’s Creations – Sweet Alivia La Lily Fine Gemstone Jewelry, Crystals, Incense, oils and other concoctions, Art, Books, Decor, Holistic Health and Spiritual Services
Around The World Imports Crystals, journals, tarot kits, Viking and Wiccan items, replica swords&knives
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Audrey’s Arts & Acrylics An eclectic mix of handmade goods in a variety of mediums (resin, embroidery, painting, jewelry, digitally printed items)
Author Thomas R Clark I’m a pagan who writes pagan friendly horror novels.
AZ Stained Glass LLC I make stained glass panels and sun catchers with a pagan and natural theme.
Blue Moon Apothecary & Wellness Center Organic hand-crafted teas, organic body care products (body oils, body butters, soaps, fragrances), jewlery, sage, palo santo, tarot cards, books, and unique oddities!
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Burn and Brew Elixirs We offer handmade home and body care products! Bath soaks, Room and Body Sprays, Upcycled Witchy Decor and Bags, Crystals, Teas, Hand Sewn Altar Cloths, Hand Sewn Tarot Bags and Tarot Wraps
CatDaddy Crafts Leather goods, t-shirts and sewing goods
Country Bears & Crafts Celtic Jewelry, Cat toys, Etc.
Coven of The Four Elements Crafts sales done by coven members to support coven. Dream.catchers jewelry, wreathes, brooms, candles
Creating Faery Land Faeryland Dwellings and Information on Classes and Creating Faery Land.
Crescent Dragon Creations Handmade jewelry and trinkets.
Crescent Moon Studio I will be bringing handcrafted gemstone and sterling silver jewelry and a vast array of metaphysical items like incense, smudging products, drums, God and goddess statues, pendulums. figurines, and gemstones.
Croniser’s Creations Embroidered Items such as shirts hoodies kitchen towels blankets and more as well as some small crystals and crystal jewelry.
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Sandy Caswell, Author, Reader, Witch sale of books and readings
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Serenity Wellness We offer a variety of metaphysical items including crystals, herbs, incense, candles and jewlery
Silver Owl Crafts Lasered woods, acrylics, metals; embroidered fabric; fabric
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The Eternal Temple Psychic/Mediumship readings, hand made Shamanic amulets, Talismans, jewelry, and magical relics.
Veil and Bone Veil and bone provides hand crafted metaphysical tools, charms, spiritually inspired art, and other items to enhance your practice. Psychic readings are also provided.
Wandering Wordsmiths We sell books!
Wing’s Apiary Organic raw honey
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Wonder Wyrm Studio Whether it’s an everyday staple like a belt or wallet, or a new statement bag or dice tray, every design comes with a touch of magic and whimsy. Specializing in carving and tooling, as well as eclectic dye and paint techniques, Wonder Wyrm products invite self-expression and exploration with designs including LGBTQIA+ Pride, Celtic Knotwork, and Witch Aesthetic. Let Wonder Wyrm Studio bring your fantasies to life in leather with treasures from my hoard to yours.

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No event of this size could ever happen without the dedicated efforts of some truly wonderful volunteers. CNY Pagan Pride owes its very existence to a wonderful group of folks who give their time and effort to make this happen.


CNY Pagan Pride Day / Autumn Equinox Festival is a mission of the Church of the Greenwood. You can help support CNYPPD by making a tax deductible contribution to the Church of the Greenwood.