2022 Autumn Equinox Festival | Pagan Pride Day

21st CNY pagan pride day

September 17, 2022

 The 21st Pagan Pride Day celebration will once again be held at Long Branch Park in Onondaga County. 

The Central New York Pagan Pride Project’s Autumn Equinox Festival is organized around three goals:

Food Drive

A food drive (or other charitable activity) to share our abundant harvest with others in need, and to make a clear statement to those who have misconceptions about Paganism. We know that our ethics, based on concern for ecology, personal responsibility, and individual freedom, mean that we feel strongly called to actions of social responsibility. It is important for us to highlight our similarity to other religions in that regard.

Public Ritual

A public gathering where Pagans can network with each other and celebrate an Autumn Equinox ritual.

Press Releases

Press releases and media coverage of our events in order to present the truth about Paganism to our communities, refute common misconceptions, and draw political attention to Paganism in order to try to prevent legislative discrimination against Pagans.
Contact us at cnyppd@gmail.com for further information.

Admission is Free!

We do, however, request your donation of a non-perishable food item, which in turn will be donated to The Food Bank of Central New York.

Food Bank of Central New York



TimeSun (Entertainment)MoonStarsEarth
9:30:00 AMOpening
10:00:00 AM What is a Unitarian Universalist Pagan w/ Jody BrownUsing the body to Encounter the Invisible w/ Harper Feist 
11:00:00 AMLake Ontario Broom RidersReligious Tolerance and Paganism w/ Ginger JohnsonHerbal Tea Workshop w/ Vik MayotteCunning Folk: Magical Practitioners in England and the US w/ Dan Harms
12:00:00 PMPort-A-Globe Puppet TheatreLife’s Cycles: Using Astrology to Step Into Your Potential w/ Emma MarsOdin Oracle: The Many Faces of the Allfather w/ Paul Mercurio and Jesseca TrainhamEarth Magic with Mother Earth w/ Madis Senner
1:00:00 PMMain Ritual (Gaia’s Glen)
2:00:00 PMArethusa/MaenadsPendulums w/ Amy D’AngeloBuilding Community Within the Pagan world and Beyond w/ Rauncie ReynoldsSound Therapy w/ Robin Jackson
3:00:00 PMHappy HaggsMock Ritual w/ Juelz CullenWorking With & Creating Sigils w/ Ashley Lustrum 
4:00:00 PMDrum Circle (Stars Pavilion)
5:00:00 PMClosing

Earth Magic with Mother Earth w/ Madis Senner

Learn how deeply and profoundly we are connected to our Mother and the magic we can co-create with Her when we love, give, heal, help and act altruistically. Truly magic can happen, whereby a space is enhanced; an energy vortex can form that can heal us, or nourish our soul; or a blind spring appears that can draw water from the bowels of the Earth to a seemingly parched land.

Madis Senner is an Earth Healer. A Keeper that watches over and maintains several sacred areas in our region. He is a pantheist and a dowser. He has authored five books and written numerous articles on Mother Earth for Wisdom magazine, the American Society of Dowsers Digest and others. For more info on his dowsing services http://www.earthwaterdowsing.com.  His blog is http://motherearthprayers.blogspot.com. His YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/MotherEarthPrayers.

Life’s Cycles: Using Astrology to Step Into Your Potential w/ Emma Mars

Life’s Cycles has two main focuses, 1. How to read a chart and 2. How to unlock a chart’s timing. At the end of the day, a natal chart is simply a map of the cosmos. Once you’re able to read a map, only then can you begin to plot your path forward. Learn how to best work with the lunar cycle, weather a Mercury retrograde, and set intentions for each year of life.

Emma Mars is a professional Astrologer with over 10 years of interest in the field, Her studies are strongly based in western, Hellenistic techniques mixed with more modern applications. She sees clients for natal chart readings and presents astrological seminars for professional and personal development.

What is a UU Pagan? w/ Jody Brown

Unitarian Universalism (shortened to UU) has its roots in the Protestant tradition but has evolved through the years to become an inclusive, liberal religious organization. The Frist Unitarian Society of Minneapolis sums it up the best:  We go beyond belief to join together in common values. Jody would love to have you join her in this workshop to learn more about what makes a UU Pagan different from other varieties of Paganism and why she is proud to call herself a UU Pagan. 

Jody Brown’s goal is to change the world, one person at a time. She loves guiding people through transitions. She is a Master Reiki Practitioner, a Meditation Instructor, a Certified Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and a Wedding Officiant. She also leads Women’s Retreats called “Journeys to Inner Peace” and “Six Steps to a Satisfying Life.” Additionally, she is a Suzuki Piano Instructor. Her motto is “Peace through Meditation and Music.” 

Her email address is: jfb523@gmail.com and cell phone number is: (315) 882-1450. Would you like to help change the world with me? Please feel free to reach out!

Pendulums w/ Amy D’Angelo

 · Types of Pendulums
· Selection of a Pendulum
· Making vs. Buying a Pendulum
· Pendulum Care
· Communicating with Your Pendulum
· Working with a Pendulum Board/Map
· Not All Pendulums are Created Equal
· Communicating with Your Guides
· Pendulums vs. Dowsing Rods”

Amy D’Angelo teaches over 20 courses through my business Amethyst Reiki located at the Foundation for Elevation in Fulton, NY. I have been a vendor and supporter of Pagan Pride in the past and would love the opportunity to engage with the community in a different way this year.

Odin Oracle: The Many Faces of the Allfather w/ Paul Mercurio and Jesseca Trainham

 Odin is famously a god with many names. This workshop presents a collaboration where these names are lovingly brought to life: the Odin Oracle. This tool is part divination and part celebration of Old Norse poetry. Paul and Jesseca will present their thinking behind the structure of this deck and show off the artwork of this nascent tool. There will even be a few card readings from sample decks that will be on hand!

Paul Mercurio is a queer inclusive Heathen who thinks this deck is a really good idea and is shocked no one has already done it. He has served as the Troth’s NYC Area Steward for 7 years and is part of the North River Kindred in Brooklyn. As a devotee of both Tyr and Zisa, he is deeply concerned about fairness, integrity, community building and disassembling systems of injustice.

Artist / illustrator Jesseca Trainham has been creating sacred imagery for Heathens since 2005. An autistic introvert, she grapples with finding meaningful ways to contribute to Heathenry and to society; Art is proving the most suitable outlet for this impulse. She prioritizes deepening communication and growth through empathy and self-honesty.

Sound Therapy w/ Robin Jackson and Keyanna Coleman

The Waxing Gibbous moon phase is the best time of the month to set the stage to break free of things in your life that bind you from moving to the next level. During this period, we will reflect on expansion and growth: and do sound and ceremony to transcend these boundaries and move into choice where we take it to the next level.

Join Certified Sound Healers of Serenity Wellness Robin Jackson & Keyanna Coleman for a magical sound immersion.

We will join together in with a common intention to unify our breath and our hearts as we move, release, and RECHARGE ~ filling up our souls with love, joy + connection.

Yoga Mat, Pillow, Blanket, water or anything else that will make you comfortable.” “Robin Jackson and Keyanna Coleman of Serenity Wellness focus on healing mind, body and soul. Offering treatments, a wide array of ethically sourced crystals and metaphysical items.

Robin Jackson focuses on your emotional healing journey. Robin is a Reiki and Seichim Master, Certified Sound Healer, Certified Aromatherapist, CARE Certified RaindropTechnique Specialist, Licensed Spiritual Healer, Aroma Freedom Practitioner, Crystal Reiki Practitioner, and Certified Doula.

Keyanna Coleman an Earth Guardian will teach you how to connect to nature. She is a Reiki/Seichim Master and Certified Sound Healer. Reiki is alleged to aid relaxation, assist in the body’s natural healing processes, and develop emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.”

Mock Ritual w/ Juelz Cullen

 Learn how local area witch, Juelz Cullen, does a simple ritual. She will explain how to set up, how to center yourself, and how to go through the emotions of your ritual to manifest what you want in your life

Juelz Cullen, owner of a witchcraft supply store Julie’s Cauldron, has been dabbling in witchcraft since she was a child. Being raised in a very supportive and loving family, her and her siblings had freedom of religion/spirituality. She has been into many aspects of the occult throughout her life, practicing hands on for as long as she can remember. Growing up with her family in Kirkville, NY, she had plenty of nature surrounding her to help her in her craft. Now, not only does she have her magical shop, she also is the president and founder of a local non-for-profit organization, Witches and Heathens of CNY. The organization is all about connecting the local area spiritual communities and providing free celebrations for central NY.

Herbal Tea Workshop w/ Vik Mayotte

Want to learn more about herbs and how to use them to enhance your daily life and magical practice? Come join in on this fun and interactive workshop where we’ll go over herbal basics and magical significance. Participants will have the opportunity to make an herbal blend to take home with them.

Vik Mayotte has been a magical practitioner for 19 years. Herbs and plants have always played the biggest role in their magical practice. Vik has taught herbal workshops both locally and out of state over the past 12 years.

Working With & Creating Sigils w/ Ashley Lustrum

This hands-on workshop will provide information on what sigils are, what they do, and how they can be incorporated into your practice and everyday life. You will walk through three different processes for creating sigils and have an opportunity to practice them for yourself.

Ashley Lustrum is a scientist and a witch, She’s been actively practicing for over 20 years. She specializes in green witchcraft and divination, with a focus on helping people the best she can. She’s also terrible at talking about herself. 

Building Community Within the Pagan world and Beyond w/ Rauncie Reynolds

Rauncie will present her story of how she became the first Pagan Chaplain at Rochester Institute of Technology. The experience she received from this long journey taught her how important it is for the pagan community to repair and build bridges within so we can then begin to make connections and create allies outside of our community.

Rauncie Reynolds is the Pagan Chaplain at Rochester Institute of Technology. She has been a High Priestess in the Living Tapestry Tradition for 25 years. She is a professional tarot reader, Teacher, Ritualist, Wedding and funeral officiate, Death and Birth Doula and considers herself a witch and midwife of the soul. She is also known as Granny Goth and you can follow her on TikTok @Granny_Goth where she talks about the Goth Subculture, tarot and the pagan community. She is the owner of MzMedusa Productions and produces the annual Rochester Vampire Ball and Krampus Ball. “

Using the body to Encounter the Invisible w/ Harper Feist

Sensing the invisible world is critically important for nearly all magical practitioners and yet, it’s set upon a pedestal that is too high to reach. In the ceremonial magic community, it is commonly thought that the only goal is to achieve full visible manifestation of an entity. If you have doubts about your ability to make this happen, and we all do, this can either destroy your confidence during a working, or worse, make you decide not to even try. The point of this workshop is to convince you that you’re not only capable of doing this type of work, but because you’re an incarnated person (i.e. you have a body), you’re ideal for doing it. And it will be fun.

Harper Feist is an esotericist, a scientist and a historian. She’s interested chiefly in magical innovations of late antiquity, and the use of these tools and methods today. She is involved in both the OTO (Ordo Templi Orientis: most recent past-Master of Leaping Laughter Lodge, Valley of Minneapolis, MN, USA; ordained priestess of Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica, Currently the interviewer of U.S. Grand Lodge’s official podcast, “”Thelema Now””) and the A:.A:. She has given several recent presentations at national and international meetings including NOTOCON, ThelemeCON and the Magical Women Symposium. 

Religious Tolerance and Paganism w/ Ginger Johnson

  Many of us have been left wondering if our current climate isn’t eroding some of the tolerance we’d thought was on the increase since the earlier millennia years. Are other members of our community feeling this? This workshop/discussion will delve into religious tolerance in light of the commonalities and diversity found both within modern paganism and with mainstream faiths.

Ginger Johnson is an eclectic witch who has been on her path since 2002. She celebrates and practices with a small but cohesive group in the Syracuse area and also as a Solitary. Ginger has been drawn to various spiritual and religious practices throughout her life, and has been a member of the LDS (Mormon) Church prior to rediscovering her Earth-centered magickal path she had begun independently as a child. She has lately felt called to make her own unique contributions toward productive interfaith dialogues and religious tolerance. At the core of her beliefs is the respect for each individual’s unique need to develop and express their own connection with the Divine in the manner that best resonates with them.
Ginger is always learning, transforming and reaching toward the fully actualized being she believes she can become. She also lends her vocal talents where they are needed, cooks, drums, and is devoted to furred, feathered and non-furred creatures of every persuasion.

Cunning Folk: Magical Practitioners in England and the United States w/ Dan Harms

Who did people in the past turn to when dealing with sickness, theft, or misfortune? Throughout western Europe, cunning folk sought to help their neighbors in need with medicine, mysticism, and magic. Author Dan Harms speaks about these individuals, how they sought to help their communities, and how they evaded the ire of the authorities.

Dan Harms is an author and librarian living in Upstate New York. He loves poking around libraries and archives for old manuscripts. Among the books he has written and edited are The Book of Oberon, The Long-Lost Friend, and Of Angels, Demons, and Spirits.

Children's Activities (Faery Hollow)

10:00 – Scavenger Hunt!
Sheets will be available 10-11, and can be brought back any time before 1. 

11:00 – Foliage Stamping

2:00 – Storytime

Music & Entertainment

The Happy Haggs Dance Troupe of Central NY

We are a group of Maidens, Mothers and Crones from CNY and The Mohawk Valley who enjoy dancing, smiling, having fun and making others happy.
Our mission is , “To spread Joy through the Magick of Dance”. We started with five dancers, and now we have over 20 Haggs making people smile! We never charge for our performances and are available to dance at your public benefit, party or event! We do accept donations and all proceeds from public performances are gifted to local charitable organizations. 
Sun Pavilion 3:00 pm

Port-A-Globe Puppet Theatre

The Port-A-Globe performs a pagan-inflected version of the Traditional English Punch and Judy Show. Judy is now a practicing witch relying on her skills to get Mr. Punch and their infant son out of trouble, again and again. And again. But what could possibly go wrong when Punch mistakenly leafs through Judy’s Book of Shadows in search of Deviled Egg recipes?

The players behind the puppets are esotericist Harper Feist (see above), R.I.T. Pagan chaplain Rauncie Reynolds (see above again), and Kitos Digiovanni, a former Latin teacher and latter-day puppeteer who has never learned to distinguish between entertainment and education. He and his colleagues live in Rochester NY, seeking out mischief where they can.
Sun Pavilion 12:00 pm

Lake Ontario Broom Riders

Lake Ontario Broom Riders became a reality on September 26th 2021. This is what we do, we dance for free for many events and collect donations. We pick a Charity and at the end of the year we present the monetary gift to the the charity of our choice.
Sun Pavilion 10:00 am


A long-standing favorite, Father & Son strolling musicians who perform on a good many instruments for music of the Renaissance, Victorian, World Music, Celtic, Jazz Improv and more!

The Maenads is a performance art group using music, dance, drama, and spectacle, drawing from inspirations such as pagan ritual, folklore, nature spirituality, myth, goddess culture, and witch culture. The Maenads use invocation and ecstatic trance to facilitate their creations.

At CNY PPD they will enact a Harvest Dance, they will channel the spirit of the Autumn Crow, and enact interpretations of original music and chants created for the project.
Sun Pavilion 2:00 pm

Drum Circle

Let your spirit soar as your soul explores it’s primal roots. Join in the celebration of community as we echo the heartbeat of the Earth Mother.
Stars Pavilion at 4:00

2022 Event Sponsors

Bonfire ($200+)

A Touch of Glass... and then some
Spirit, Spindle, and Root

Candle ($100+)

Archer’s Stones and Essentials
Julie’s Cauldron
Sol Green Energy
The Crescent Collective
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The Thelemic Order
Witches and Heathens of CNY

Spark ($50+)

Kindling ($10+)

Angelic Lighthouse
Around the World Imports
Carolyn Meszko

Cheryl Neddo
Crescent Moon Studio
E&K Creations
Enchanted Creations
Eternal Temple
Immortal Phoenix
Karma Creations
Little Bird Runes Reiki and Orgonite
Mary McDowell


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Audrey’s Arts & Acrylics A crafty mother/daughter team with an eclectic array of handmade goods, including cards, embroidery, paintings, jewelry, decals, and more
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Blue Sky Creations Handmade pouches, shawls, spell kits, and so much more
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No event of this size could ever happen without the dedicated efforts of some truly wonderful volunteers. CNY Pagan Pride owes its very existence to a wonderful group of folks who give their time and effort to make this happen.


CNY Pagan Pride Day / Autumn Equinox Festival is a mission of the Church of the Greenwood. You can help support CNYPPD by making a tax deductible contribution to the Church of the Greenwood.