2019 Autumn Equinox Festival | Pagan Pride Day

20th annual pagan pride day

September 21, 2019

 The 20th annual Pagan Pride Day celebration will once again be held at Long Branch Park in Onondaga County. 

The Central New York Pagan Pride Project’s Autumn Equinox Festival is organized around three goals:

Food Drive

A food drive (or other charitable activity) to share our abundant harvest with others in need, and to make a clear statement to those who have misconceptions about Paganism. We know that our ethics, based on concern for ecology, personal responsibility, and individual freedom, mean that we feel strongly called to actions of social responsibility. It is important for us to highlight our similarity to other religions in that regard.

Public Ritual

A public gathering where Pagans can network with each other and celebrate an Autumn Equinox ritual.

Press Releases

Press releases and media coverage of our events in order to present the truth about Paganism to our communities, refute common misconceptions, and draw political attention to Paganism in order to try to prevent legislative discrimination against Pagans.
Contact us at cnyppd@gmail.com for further information.

Admission is Free!

We do, however, request your donation of a non-perishable food item, which in turn will be donated to The Food Bank of Central New York.

Food Bank of Central New York


An informational talk for non Pagans and new Pagans outlining some of the differences (and similarities) between Neopagan spirituality and the more widely recognized Abrahamic religions. There will be some focus on the purpose of the PPD event and the fostering of interfaith tolerance. Attendees are encouraged to bring questions and share ideas.

Hosted at the Moon Pavilion at Noon 

What’s ancient is new again!  With our interpretation of this dance form, we acknowledge and channel the divine feminine ~ we love to mesmerize!  Join us after we perform for a mini bellydance lesson!

Hosted at the Star Pavilion at 3 pm 

For pagans the Hindu concept of karma has a huge bearing with things such as rituals, land memories and more. Join author Madis Senner as he discusses his latest book Everything Has Karma: Learning to Embrace Our Interconnectedness. In a world where everything has karma we are affected by everyone and everything we come in with.

Madis Senner, is a former money manager turned author and seeker. He blogs for Life in the Finger Lakes. He writes about the environment, sacred sites, social issues and our Mother on his blog, https://motherearthprayers.blogspot.com

Hosted at the Star Pavilion at Noon 

Need a reason to step away from your life for a bit?  Try Forest Therapy!! Not only do you get to reconnect to Mother Nature but it is scientifically proven to lower stress, lower blood pressure, increase creativity and productivity.  Join me and learn about the origins of forest therapy. I will guide you through the standard sequence and introduce you to sample immersions.  We will share in a tea derived from local plants as an additional way of connecting to Mother Earth.  All those willing to set aside their worries are welcome to join me and lose themselves in the marvels of the woods.
Wendy C. Perrone – Pines4Us.com
Certified Forest Therapy Guide with the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programs (ANFT)
Holy Fire II Usui Reiki Master
Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher (R)
Certified Wilderness First Aid/CPR
Hosted at the Workshop Tent at 2 pm 

Alchemy is the art and science of transmutation. This workshop will present a general introduction to Western Hermetic Alchemy. This alchemy is based on Hermes Trismegistus and Hermetic Principles. The workshop will touch on the alchemist’s purpose and ultimate goal. We will be discussing a brief history, the different types of Alchemy, the stages and phases of Alchemy, the elements and symbolism of Alchemy. Come join us in a journey of the Great Work!

J. Sage Parkin is a graduate and an active member in the International Alchemy Guild. Her journey into Alchemy started in herbalism and aromatherapy. The desire to make a more “whole” medicine, along with the search for soul evolution, and more depth in magick,  led to Alchemy and the Great Work.

Hosted at the Moon Pavilion at 10 am

The crystal grid workshop will give an in depth beginner’s overview of using crystal grids to manifest and send energies to fit your needs. We’ll discuss the stones used, different grid patterns, energy work, and how to use it all! This workshop is free to attend. Laurie’s handcrafted crystal grids will be available for purchase at PPD!
Laurie Collins is a Syracuse native pagan, empath, artist and healer. https://www.hopespringsaw.com/
Hosted at the Moon Pavilion at 2 pm
Meditations about Hobbits, the Dark Crystal, the Force, cats, and more? Yes please. Become the most mindful geek you can be with these live guided meditations based on sci-fi and fantasy themes. 
Find out more at www.GeekMeditations.com 
Alyssa Yeager (Rhiannon’s Lark) has brought twenty years of music therapy and performing experience together to make meditation more accessible to pop culture fans. Ms. Yeager’s success using guided meditations with music therapy clients motivated her to bring this practice to a new audience. Her workshops and meditation album use pop-culture storylines to help individuals relax, focus, and practice mindfulness.
Hosted at the Moon Pavilion at 11 am

Sound can be an immensely powerful tool for magical work throughout the wide variety of paths we follow. In this workshop, we will explore the sounds we can make on micro and macro levels, delving into the nature of sound as fundamental frequency and overtones, and also covering some practical applications of our voices in magical work. We will walk through the basics of the musical harmonic series to understand the unique qualities of our own voices (and more), briefly cover healthy vocal technique and breath-work, and discuss how we can use this knowledge to enhance our vocalizing. Participants can learn how to do their own overtone singing, and utilize this new skill in simple group chanting.

Sierra Fox, mezzo-soprano, is a nationally and internationally regarded soloist and ensemble singer with a background in interfaith outreach. Based in the Philadelphia area, she sings with a vast number of sacred and secular choirs, while also touring throughout the United States, Europe, and South America. Primarily interested in singing as a tool of unification, she has made a focus of music in the service of interconnectedness, bridging faith traditions, cultures, and otherwise distanced communities through song. She received her Bachelor of Music in Voice Performance and Religion and Society from Syracuse University, followed by graduate study in Voice Performance at Temple University, and can be seen performing today as singer/percussionist for mythic folk band Soundweaver.

Hosted at the Star Pavilion at 2 pm 

We’ll learn about your personal “gods” and how to work with them.

Hosted at the Star Pavilion at 11 am

Are you ready to embrace your heart connection?
Are you ready for personal empowerment?

Michelle J. Howe brings deeper insight, awareness and wisdom.  She empowers you to embrace your inner compass and sensitivity to navigate beyond personal and interpersonal challenges.  She shares healing vibrations and practical tools to light your way to soul connection.  This engaging and interactive workshop guides you along the joyful path with self-love, trust and fulfillment.

 MICHELLE J. HOWE is a powerful channel of high vibrational energies, an Evolutionary Guide, Awakening Speaker, and a Master Healer.  She is also the founder of Empath Evolution and the curator of The Empath Evolution Community for individuals who are Highly Sensitive Feelers, Healers and Empaths. 

Michelle’s mission is to awaken your sense of inner connection and deepens the trust you have in your own natural gifts and intuition. She offers training and healing vibrations through private sessions, organized live and virtual workshops, programs and events designed to expand your mind, nourish your soul, and share energy-smart wisdom. Michelle guides energetically sensitive souls along the Joyful Path to elevate their personal fulfillment at home, at work, and in their relationships.

Hosted at the Moon Pavilion at 3 pm 

Are the earthen mounds at Long Branch Park the result of debris leftover from dredging? Or are they sacred mounds strategically placed over a part or our Mother that your guide calls Earth Chakras that regulate the flow of the Life Force/Orgone/Earth Prana? Join Earth Healer, Keeper(watches over a sacred site) and author Madis Senner, as we explore the mounds at Long Branch. The ability to sense and feel “Energy” is a plus. Please bring your dowsing rods—pendulums won’t cut it.
Space is limited to 20 participants, so sign up at the gate/registration as soon as you enter.
Madis Senner, is a former money manager turned author and seeker. He blogs for Life in the Finger Lakes. He writes about the environment, sacred sites, social issues and our Mother on his blog, https://motherearthprayers.blogspot.com
Hosted at the Workshop Tent at 10 am
Muin Mound Grove, ADF would like to invite the public to experience a Druidic Worship Service. We will cover some basics such as the differences between Wicca and Druidry, the Three Kindreds, Fire Well and Tree, the importance of praise offerings, omens, and Blessings. We will teach a few of the chants
that we use in service. We will discuss some of the history of the Bardic arts and how they still have their place today. The intention of this workshop is to give people a chance to ask questions and to participate in a service. Those who wish to do so will be able to take roles, as appropriate, within the
Hosted at the Workshop Tent at 11 am
Enjoy a brief guided meditation and after allow yourself to paint freely allowing spirit to guide you. Often in these paintings there is a message that needs to be heard. Limit 20 people.
Angela Richardson is an award-winning psychic medium that uses many modalities in order to help guide people on their Journeys to their true paths in life.

Music & Entertainment

Fairy Hollow (Children's Activities)


Kids Ritual

Explains the general purpose of a ritual.


Story Telling

Children gather for a traditional storytelling.


Crystals 101 for Kids

Explains the importance of crystals and shows crystals strengths and properties.


Color Time!!

Chidren will have the chance to color in their own way whatever image they choose.


Trash Contest

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Wandering Woods Reiki Mini sessions of Reiki with optional crystal energy work and chakra balancing

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No event of this size could ever happen without the dedicated efforts of some truly wonderful volunteers. CNY Pagan Pride owes its very existence to the following folks…

Kurt Hohmann
Amy Armstrong
Andrew Ortiz
Barry Canning
Bill Canning
Caroline Lamie
Daniel Gardner
Dawn Esmerelda Buchanan
Eric Mena
Ginger Johnson
Jesseca Trainham
John Roll
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Paul Davis
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Todd “The Toad” Johnson
Torie Evans


CNY Pagan Pride Day / Autumn Equinox Festival is a mission of the Church of the Greenwood. You can help support CNYPPD by making a tax deductible contribution to the Church of the Greenwood.