2018 Autumn Equinox Festival | Pagan Pride Day

20th annual pagan pride day

September 15, 2018

 The 19th annual Pagan Pride Day celebration will once again be held at Long Branch Park in Onondaga County. 

The Central New York Pagan Pride Project’s Autumn Equinox Festival is organized around three goals:
2018 Pagan Pride Logo

Food Drive

A food drive (or other charitable activity) to share our abundant harvest with others in need, and to make a clear statement to those who have misconceptions about Paganism. We know that our ethics, based on concern for ecology, personal responsibility, and individual freedom, mean that we feel strongly called to actions of social responsibility. It is important for us to highlight our similarity to other religions in that regard.

Public Ritual

A public gathering where Pagans can network with each other and celebrate an Autumn Equinox ritual.

Press Releases

Press releases and media coverage of our events in order to present the truth about Paganism to our communities, refute common misconceptions, and draw political attention to Paganism in order to try to prevent legislative discrimination against Pagans.
Contact us at cnyppd@gmail.com for further information.

Admission is Free!

We do, however, request your donation of a non-perishable food item, which in turn will be donated to The Food Bank of Central New York.

Food Bank of Central New York


—Co-creating with Mother Earth w/ Madis Senner

There is a magic to our relationship with our Mother where we can work together to create all sorts of wonders. We have the ability to enhance a space and make the vibe Divine, or create a new birth, what geomancer’s call an energy vortex. All of which can heal you, make you feel good and nourish your soul. Learn about the wonder of our relationship with our Mother and how you can heal her and make a better you.

About Madis- Madis Senner teaches Earth Healing, connecting with our Mother and leads group meditations. He has been featured on Channel 9’s Newmakers, Syracuse Post Standard(CNY INspirations next week). His latest book Sacred Sites in North Star Country: Places in Greater New York State (PA,OH,NJ,CT,MA,VT,ONT) That Changed the World was listed as one of the Great Reads for the Summer by Life in The Finger Lakes Magazine. He also wrote Vortices and Spirals, Unlocking the Mystery of Our Dynamic Relationship With Mother Earth You can read his musings at http://motherearthprayers.blogspot.com

with Stephanie Mickelson 

Are you a parent or grandparent who wishes to raise your children as pagans? Do you hope to raise future children pagan? Are you someone who provides support and/or cares for a pagan family? Here’s a discussion for you. Modern parenting can be both a challenge and an amazing journey. Let’s talk about parenting and how it relates to the pagan family. Since the majority of people coming to the pagan path are the first generation, it can be an overwhelming topic to navigate. Parenting as a pagan can be as simple or complex as we choose to make it. What should be considered? What help is available? Where are there resources available? How to include children into rituals? When shouldn’t children be included? What about dealing with the greater community? We’ll touch on these topics and more.

with Vik Mayotte 

The magical world is filled with lots of nifty and mystifying tools but some of the most overlooked magical ingredients can be found right in your own kitchen! Come join in on this fun and interactive workshop where you’ll learn more about herbs and spices that can be found right at your local grocery store. Together we’ll discuss 12 common household herbs, including: basil, cinnamon, garlic, orange, and thyme. Discussions will focus on: herb magic basics, getting to know herbal properties, creating your own blends, and more! During this workshop, attendees will have the opportunity to craft and create their own herbal blend to take home with them! Ready to make some magic?

About Vik- I’m all about living my truth, going with the flow, and seeing where my path takes me! Having spent more than half of my life learning about magic, myth, and faith, it’s a pleasure to share those experiences with others. Herb magic has always been a topic of great love and interest for me and my sincerest hope is to help educate and empower others with what I’ve learned.

with Ginger Johnson 

An overview of neopagan beliefs, some history and discussion of the commonalities and diversity found within modern paganism, and some contrasts with mainstream faiths.

with Mary Hudson

Working with cords, weaving tapestries and webs, and walking a Celtic Mandala in meditation are all forms of knot magic. This magic can be used for more than most people understand and present itself in ways that can either be simple or complex. This workshop will look at various types of knot magic and how it can be used in your day to day life as well as your spiritual practice.

with John Richardson 

Whether we choose to call it an altar, shrine or ve…the building and maintaining of sacred space is both spiritual and selfempowering. From the beginning of mankind, cultures around the globe have crafted such spaces, indoors and outdoors, to deity as well as to their ancestors, as an integral part of their spiritual or religious practices. More than just an arrangement of items, when done with intention and knowledge of the forces at work, creating sacred space can bring your intentions into fruition. This workshop will discuss these spaces as focus points of energy and how they can be created, from the smallest and most simplistic to the most extravagant. Permanent or temporary, obvious or hidden, sacred space is crafted based on your creativity, your spirituality and your willingness to connect with spirit. Whether spiritual or magical, adopting this ancient tradition into your life has many modern day benefits. We will create a temporary altar as part of this workshop. As such, be advised that those honored can sometimes “appear” to show their appreciation.

John’s dad was a Presbyterian minister which made him a PK (preacher’s kid). Once in his 20’s, he found the Protestant church just wasn’t answering all his questions…or quests. So Paganism entered the picture and later morphed into Asatru, the pantheon of the old Norse Gods and Goddesses. A few years back, he was inspired to recruit some help and build a backyard Ve – what some refer to as a “God House.” And so…his life’s path has been full of shrines, altars and ves.

with Adi Shakti 

World Fusion Bellydance. What’s ancient is new again! With our interpretation of this dance form, we acknowledge and channel the divine feminine – we love to mesmerize! Join us after we perform for a mini bellydance lesson!

A Beginner Hand Drum Workshop with Sandra Fioramonti-Sabene 

Find the pulse that awakens your personal rhythm and learn how to weave that into the sounds around you. In a few simple (beginner friendly) steps, learn how to use percussion to connect with your own personal pulse. Learn how to join any drum circle with this easy 1-2-3 step in discovering rhythm and connections through community drumming. Drums provided. Beginners warmly welcomed. Anyone can join and share the inner wisdom of creating with heart centered intention.

with Rev. Victoria Evans 

The Pagan Prison Ministry Program is a project within our community to aid the incarcerated Pagans in creating change from within themselves and society. As our society changes, many people including Pagans of all walks of life are becoming incarcerated. Some experience a changing of belief to paganism while incarcerated. This program is one that is challenging and rewarding. You will discover a side of life that you may never have experienced and one that may be startling at first, but once you begin to uncover the individual that is locked inside you may be surprised at what you find.

About Victoria- A member of the Grove of Diana, Mystic Circle and Church of the Greenwood, Victoria has been a Reverend for 8 years as well as a Reiki Master. Her services include weddings, infant naming ceremonies and funerals. With knowledge of minerals, tarot, runes and palmistry she enjoys workings with herbs and oils as well as cooking and crafting.

with Cheryl Costa

Lady Cheryl will share with you a largely unknown mystical technique for boosting both divining and magickal practice yield.

About Cheryl- Cheryl’s been a Witch for 40 years. She’s pioneered Witch Television in Washington, DC in 1991, which brought a positive media image to pagan and witchcraft culture. She spent seven years of her mid life in Buddhist Monastery, exploring deeper mystical mysteries. She brings to her “rare talks”, a mystical insight not generally found in popular pagan or witch publications.

Music & Entertainment

Music… one of the threads that connect beyond language, beyond time, beyond the individual, reaching out and connecting the performer with the listener like a web. Art is how we paint space; music is how we paint time. When driven by spirit, it brings hearts and minds together, creating a bridge to understand what words alone never can.

We are a group of Haggs (Maidens, Mothers and Crones), who have come together so that we may spread joy to others through the magick of dance! All donations and raffle proceeds from this year’s performance help support Joseph’s Experience of Utica, NY – an organization that helps children battling cancer and other life-threatening illnesses.

A long-standing favorite, Father& Son strolling musicians who perform on a good many instruments for music of the Renaissance, Victorian, World Music, Celtic, Jazz Improv and more!

Sierra and Cat come from vastly different musical bases to share the voice of spirit as it comes to them. Brought together originally as the voice and guitar for the Mythic Folk band Ashagal, Sound Weavers allows the two artists to step out of the limitations of genre and bring you the spirit music they both love. Ranging from folk, to contemporary, to experimental, the two give voice to the ephemeral and share their experience of spirit through song, be it songs of the gods themselves, or music inspired by the growth of their individual journeys.

Cooking up 100% Epic, Original, Pristine Art Rock: Dulcet, then pounding; swirling, then startling; plaintive, then joyous; cacophonous, then blissfully harmonic.


A Touch of Glass and Then Some… Stained glass, heat bags, flags, bronze pendants, wood carvings, soap, incense, pins
Alzina’s Dezigns Array of calligraphic cards, tags, signage, pagan fashioned jewelry, embroidered articles
Amethyst Reiki Services Intuitive Tarot readings
Around the World Imports Crystals, Tarot cards, metaphysical items, books, clothing, carved wooden dieties, leather journals, etc.
AZ Stained Glass LLC Stained glass panels of pagan and fantasy inspiration
BC&D Natural Products Reader
Blue Sky Creations Handmade pouches, shawls, spell kits, and so much more!
Carvel Dewitt Hot fudge sundaes, brown bonnets, flying saucers, slush puppies, bottled water
Cauldron Creations Aromatherapy
Center for Spiritual Enlightenment Readings; dragon, fairy and wizard statues; incense; Tarot decks
Chakrabus Reiki sessions and Chakra sessions. Some crystals, handmade items including stone carvings
Country Bears & Crafts Crafts – wood, bath salts, jewelry, catnip cat toys, etc.
Crescent Moon Studio Handcrafted gemstone jewelry, metaphysical supplies
Deanna’s Peculiar Polymer Polymer clary and resin creatures, some Halloween themes
DragonMoon Creations Fantasy art and intuitive jewelry
Energy Flow for the Highest Good Psychic medium and Reiki master offering spiritual readings as well as Reiki Chakra cleansing/balancing
Feather & Paw Mortar/pestle, cauldrons, worry stones, tapestries, other metaphysical items, hot/cold therapy cornbags, jewelry
Fire and Earth Reiki Reiki/healing service
Forgotten Memories Photography Tarot cards, oracle cards, runes, oghams, crystals, jewelry and photography
Geeky Gaea Designs Chainmail jewelry with crystals, gemstones, and other natural elements
Hathaways Elemental Light Wire wrapped stone jewelry, dowsing rods, pendulums, tumbled stone, stolas & DNA activators, smudge fans, sage, essential oil, and more

Hoonia Skynew Feather Reader Reader
Hubbard and Company Smithing Hand forged jewelry and other hand forged goods
Idle Hands Gift Shop All natural soaps, bath body cure, handmade candle holders
Immortal Phoenix Tarot cards, runes, books, stones, wooden boxes, staffs, w3ands, incense, sage, oils, candles, tapestries
Jamberry Nails, make up, blankets, sewing, crystals, rocks, cards, pictures
JD Jewelry Tumbled stones, jewelry, minerals, metaphysical items
Just a Couple of Witches Metaphysical crafts and curiosities: Crystals, herbs, spell kits and more
K3 Artistry Graphic design services specializing in print, mailings, signage & booth design, as well as a variety of handmade pieces including woodburnings, beaded works, jewelry, home decor & one-of-a-kind upcycled items.
Luna’s Creations Herbs, teas, tea pots, smudge wands, books, crystals.
Magpie Custom Creations Wearable art, clothing, chain maille, fused glass, carved glass
Majicalities Cloaks, hats, pagan supplies
Mahogany Handcrafts & Gifts Candles, tie dye, incense and accessories. Reader – Numerology and Tarot
Mara Moon Witch Vintage jewelry, Tarot cards
Moon Dancer Wares Crafts, witches, pagan decor
Moon Spirit Arts Jewelry, psychic paintings, energy healing, Native American flutes
Moonlit Alternatives Besoms, wands, cloaks/capes, bags, woodburning, glass etching, jewelry
Mystic Chrysalis Jewelry, stonework, woodwork, leatherwork
Mystical Healing and Wellness Oils, sprays, perfrumes, Goddess dolls, jewelry
Nicole Claps Jewelry, zodiac, novelty, apparel, accessories
One Cut at a Time Wooden scroll saw items
Pat’s Passion & Crafts from the Heart Crocheted shawls, ponchos, baby items, teddy bears, knitted hats, diamond paintings


Peggy Park Hand blown witch and faerie balls, one of a kind jewelry
Perfectly Posh Naturally based health care products for men and woman
Psychic Impressions Psychic, medium, Tarot readings, guided meditations
Ridge Valley Original Gems Gemstones, beads, earrings, minerals, pewter figurines, and more.
Sacred Journey Ceramics Pottery, mugs, giblets, sunfaces, faerie wall art, jewelry, Themes: Dia De La Muertos, witches, dragons, greenmen
Sage Creek Primitives Magic wands, divination tools, runes, pendulums
Silvertouch Therapy Shiatsu massage and Reiki
Sims Homestead Spiritual tools and handcrafted gifts
Sisters and Misters Wands, walking sticks, Wiccan wears, jewelry, minerals, handmade goods – all at affordable prices
Stacy’s Stuff Glass jewelry, gifts, model magic horns
Stephanie Mickelson Intutive Healer Intuitive healing, reiki, readings
Sue C Strings Handwoven/handmade jewelry, hand warmers, hair combs
The Purple Gypsy Gemstone trees, crystal crowns, one of a kind jewelry
The Tattooed Dragon Art and designs, from fantasy to the surreal. The Tattooed Dragon is here to make you think and feel through design and creativity.
The Wizard Within the Wood Woodcarvings, wands, staffs, alter boxes, heathen horns, stone daggers, bone carvings, pipes, wood sprites
Witch Brews and Botanicals Esoteric, organic products and jewelry
Witches Flea Chests, tables, windchimes, jewelry, candles, children’s books, holiday cards, dream catchers, handmade ornaments, quilts, blankets
Witches Wears/Zelenia Cosplay Handmade bone jewelry, art prints, cosplay prints, hand wrapped gems and stones

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No event of this size could ever happen without the dedicated efforts of some truly wonderful volunteers. CNY Pagan Pride owes its very existence to the following folks…

Kurt Hohmann
Amy Armstrong
Andrew Ortiz
Barry Canning
Bill Canning
Caroline Lamie
Crystal Kupris
Dawn Esmerelda Buchanan
Ginger Johnson
James Delles
Jesseca Trainham
John Roll
Kelly Sheridan
Kristan Johnson-Thomas
Mary Hudson
Maxx MountainLion
Michelle McCann
Paul Davis
Rich McCann
Sam Hohmann
Steve Emery
Sue Brooks
Tim Nortz
Todd “The Toad” Johnson
Torie Evans


CNY Pagan Pride Day / Autumn Equinox Festival is a mission of the Church of the Greenwood. You can help support CNYPPD by making a tax deductible contribution to the Church of the Greenwood.